Life Begins in Hong Kong: The Birth of Juliette Lau

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There’s no more joyous occasion than the birth of a healthy, beautiful little baby. Well, actually – it’s even happier when that baby belongs to 2 of our closest friends, Jessica and Teddy, who recently wed in Hong Kong. On September 27, 2013, at 11:40 pm, Juliette Lau graced the world with her presence.

Beautiful baby Juliette, with her big brown eyes gorgeous black hair!

Beautiful baby Juliette, with her big brown eyes and gorgeous black hair!


The tiniest of hands

And I do mean graced – Juliette became part of the family a mere 40, calm minutes after her now first-time mom arrived at Queen Mary, the most respected hospital in Hong Kong. Measuring 49 cm and weighing in at 3.015 kg, Mademoiselle Juliette was born (without anesthesia – go, Jessica!) to the enthusiastic cheers of her expert physician and nursing team, and of course, the adoration of her proud new parents.

Proud new mom, Jessica - with excited baby Juliette

Proud new mama Jessica – with baby Juliette, tickled pink by Uncle Mark

Just over a month old now, Juliette (known affectionately as Princess) continues to be an absolute joy. She amazes everyone she meets, as she is not only a genuine beauty (I especially love her big brown eyes and that full shock of rich black hair!) – but she is also so laid-back and chilled out most of the time. Case in point – the last time I visited the happy family, Juliette fell asleep in my arms and napped for almost 3 hours in the middle of the day. We also just learned that Juliette slept almost 13 hours en route to France! I love a girl who can sleep almost anywhere, anytime!

Juliette about 2 hours into her 3-hour nap with yours truly

A tired little Juliette, about 2 hours into her 3-hour nap with yours truly

Ok, there is one exception, at least to my knowledge – she did spit up on Mark within a few minutes of being held by him. Jessica and Teddy assure us it’s not personal, but time will tell!


Mark, cradling baby Juliette


Proud papa Teddy, watching over Mark and baby Juliette – right before it all went wrong (for Mark, that is)

Of course, no one replaces Mom & Dad in reassuring Juliette that all is right in the world. However, Grandma and Great-grandma do come very close – so as Jessica’s family (spanning four generations!) celebrates right now in the south of France, Juliette is in the very best of hands.

The French side of Juliette's family!

The French side of Juliette’s family! (photo courtesy of Jessica)

Juliette’s world tour will round out when she meets Teddy’s side of the family in Colorado, USA, just in time for the winter holidays.

One thing I really love about HK is the truly international crowd here. Jessica and Teddy are no exception. Juliette has parents who will shower her with not only crazy amounts of love, but also a dynamic blend of French, Chinese, and American cultures. Is it just a little sad how envious I am of a little baby girl who will grow up speaking at least 3 languages and be the proud holder of at least French and Hong Kong passports?

We are so overjoyed for Jessica and Teddy as they begin this next most exciting chapter in their lives. Teddy has told us he’s never been happier, and we can understand why. Jessica is already handling motherhood like a pro and is also looking forward to returning to her busy travel schedule throughout Asia in the new year, as she firmly believes in the importance of having a balanced life.

Juliette could not be any luckier – she has 2 of the most loving, coolest, and classiest parents. Congratulations to the whole family!!

Proud new parents, Jessica and Teddy, doting on baby Juliette

The happy new family – Jessica and Teddy, doting on baby Juliette

(Oh, and Jessica and Teddy – you do know that Juliette may become one of the most photographed babies out there, right?)


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