Taking a (Victoria) Peak: Pink Walk-ing to Support Breast Health

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Yes, Victoria Peak is such a popular tourist destination, it’s almost a cliché. Except the panoramic views are indeed stunning on a clear day, the Peak blissfully removes you from the hustle and bustle of the city, locals also pay the Peak a visit once in a while – and on one day every year, it’s the venue for one of Hong Kong’s most prominent and high-energy charity events, the Pink Walk to support breast health.

The Pink Walk on Victoria Peak - gathering near the Peak Tower

The Pink Walk on Victoria Peak – gathering near the Peak Tower


Breast cancer will affect 1 in 19 women in HK before the age of 75. So no wonder that HK, like many other cities in the world, hosts this walk and a number of other events to raise breast cancer awareness and support research during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Pink Walk on Victoria Peak follows the 3.5 km Peak Circle Trail. It’s an easy, relaxing stroll that takes about 1-1.5 hours and is suitable for all ages. If you’re lucky like we were (and go during the fall months), you’ll be treated to a cool, crisp walk through lush greenery, accompanied by views that seem to get better at every turn. This is definitely a family- (and dog-) friendly event, and with numerous best-dressed awards (human and canine), there’s every excuse to don your favorite pink outfit and accessories with reckless abandon. While some old-schoolers and some concerned loved ones seem generally reluctant to embrace pink clothing for men here in HK, the Pink Walk is one occasion when there is absolutely zero shame in pink enrobement – no matter your gender (or species).

Pink Walk-ing with friends on the Peak Circle Trail

Pink Walk-ing with friends on the Peak Circle Trail

Does it count as 'walking' if you end up huddled on a scooter?

Does it count as ‘walking’ if you end up huddled on a scooter?



Don’t ask what Mark is holding – I have no idea (and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t either)




Just for the record, this isn’t Mark – although the dedication to the pink ribbon here is impressive, if a bit messy


Gotta love a grandma sporting a bike helmet with a pink ribbon mohawk




The key to becoming the instant center of attention – put a pink shirt on a super cute pup



Like I said – zero shame – for a good cause. Those are men on the left (and with that leg hair, thankfully so!)

Of course, you can enjoy the Peak and this breezy walk anytime the area is open – and to avoid the crowds, I highly suggest an early weekday morning. If you’re not feeling up to the hike up the mountain, and the queue in Central for the Peak Tram up to the top seems endless (it often is), take a taxi up – the ride is relatively short, sweet, and inexpensive. Skip the shopping mall (of course, there is one here, as with almost every other popular locale in HK). Walk the trail and treat yourself to the view from the Sky Terrace – yes, it will cost you a few extra dollars, but in my opinion, the view is worth checking out at least once. I haven’t indulged in the nighttime vista yet, but I expect it’s breathtaking.





Perpetuating HK’s weird habit of erecting fake photo backdrops in outdoor spaces – perhaps a way of holding onto an idealized, old-school charm

The queues are usually more reasonable for the Peak Tram heading down to Central – if you’re comfortable with a fairly steep ride backwards, it’s a pleasant way to descend. It runs til midnight, so feel free to watch the sun set over the Peak and even stay for a few hours afterward. There are a number of casual and a couple higher-end restaurants that serve dinner, as well as lunch – so you run no risk of leaving hungry, although I would recommend heading elsewhere in the city to dine, if your stomach can wait. This is a tourist spot, after all, with food to match.

Since the weather has finally turned gorgeous after the long, oppressively hot and humid summer, go now! And if you can, plan ahead for next year’s Pink Walk (date yet to be announced, but it will during be a similar timeframe). Register early, raise some cash, and enjoy a gorgeous stroll by yourself, with friends, or with your company group. You’ll have a blast for a great cause! Doesn’t get much better than that.


If you are interested in other activities supporting breast cancer awareness and research, check out this listing including a special afternoon tea at The Peninsula, pink manicures at the Nail Library, and various shopping events. It’s not too late to participate in some of these!

Breast cancer understandably receives (and deserves) extensive attention and research funding. However, as someone who works on rarer tumors and lost my own dad to liver cancer, I urge you to also please support and participate in other cancer-related activities.

For more information on Victoria Peak, click here.


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10 thoughts on “Taking a (Victoria) Peak: Pink Walk-ing to Support Breast Health”

    • Yes, it’s beautiful up there. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to visit, but it’s mostly because of the brutal summer. Thankfully, the weather in HK has finally eased up. It’s now very pleasant to be up on the Peak. This seems to be the ideal month to be outdoors in HK!


  1. Machelle D says:

    Thanks for posting Deb! As you might recall, this is an important issue for me, and knowing that people all over the world are part of the awareness is awesome. All the attention to breast cancer originated as a grass roots effort- and still is! I encourage others to find their “cause” and make your efforts count!


    • I thought of you immediately, of course, Machelle! It is lovely to know that these massive efforts stretch across the globe..I agree, it’s important to give back to something/someone meaningful and contribute to great causes


  2. Some really great pics in your post – and what a good cause the walk supported! I really should be going next year. Thanks for sharing.


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